Regional Maintenance Center and CREOS Ateliers in Roost

Project Details

Year 2017
Architects : M3 Architectes SA
Owner: CREOS Luxembourg SA
Built volume: 99,000 m³
Gross building area: 18,500 m²
Exterior landscaping including: 59,500 m²(+-6 ha)
Personal parking lot: 6,400 m² (237 spaces for light vehicles)
Professional vehicle parking: 3,000 m2 (106 van spaces and 17 HGV spaces)
Total investment cost: 40 million euros
Design schedule: December 2010 – May 2012
Completion time: November 2011 – ongoing


As part of its organizational restructuring, CREOS decided to bring together the activities of the Heisdorf, Wiltz, Contern and Mersch centers on a single site, with the aim of improving synergies and communication between its various departments.

The site comprises a 5-storey building incorporating a warehouse, workshops, offices, service and storage areas and parking zones.

Milestone is in charge of civil engineering, i.e. structural and infrastructure engineering.

Our mission includes pre-project studies, preparation of tender documents, studies and execution plans, supervision of work, control of quantities and invoices, and assistance with acceptance of work.