New Station Belval University

Project Details

Year: 2010
Architects : Atelier d’architecture et de design Jim Clemes SA
Owner: Chemin de fer Luxembourgeois
Total surface area: +- 6,500 m²
Built volume: +- 38,000 m³
Total investment cost: +- 34 million euros
Design time: 2007 – 2008 (execution studies)
Completion time: 2008 – 2010 (completed project)


Construction of a new railway stop serving the Belval-Université site. A flagship project for the conversion of Luxembourg’s industrial wastelands, with a surface area of 120 hectares, Belval has been designated a “National Development Cluster” by the government. The new railway station project serves the “Terrasse des Hauts Fournaux” and “Square Mile” districts, sites destined to house the University of Luxembourg, among other facilities.

Milestone’s services cover structures and infrastructures. The design office’s mission began with the review and validation of the preliminary design (carried out by a colleague), preparation of the tender documents and detailed specifications, the execution project, control and supervision of the work and, finally, submission of the final construction documents.