Total service station in Schengen

In a “SCHENGEN space”, at the confluence of the wine route and the Moselle route, below the A13 motorway which crosses the river at this point towards Germany, Milestone erects the TOTAL station of SCHENGERWISS .

The plot of nearly 7770 m² is fully equipped to accommodate a large station, comprising 7 refueling islands, 14 multi-product distributors, a building of ± 700 m² with a spacious shop of ± 270 m² with offices and offices. Storage, as well as a gantry washing installation, supplemented by a separate drying installation.

The complex is built according to the new design of the Total group sign, with integrated aesthetics.

In addition to collecting water according to environmental standards, particular attention has been given to peripheral green spaces, with ecological management of rainwater, regulated in ditches, leading to a natural retention basin, thus favoring evaporation , Infiltration and quality of landscape treatments.